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Readers Respond: What book would you discuss during a college interview?

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From the article: Recommend a Good Book to Me
If your college interviewer asks you to recommend a book to him or her, you'll want to follow these guidelines and choose your book carefully. If there's a book you think would be perfect for discussing during an interview, share your recommendation with other readers. Tell us about the book and why you think it would work well in an interview. Recommend a Book

Fallin' Up

This is the autobiography of Taboo from the Black Eyed Peas. He had a hard life but this book shows his dedication and how he was able to start with nothing and come out on top and achieve his dreams of becoming a world famous performer.
—Guest Gavin

The Giver

An insightful novel about the rewards and consequences of a Utopian society.
—Guest Guest Dreamer

Wherever I Wind Up by RA Dickey

An inspirational autobiography that while written by a baseball player is an incredible humanitarian story.
—Guest Andrea

You Must Be Joking, Mr. Feynman

An incredible autobiography of Richard Feynman, concerning the adventures and philosophy of one extraordinary physicist. Reading about his life makes you hunger for learning and discovery and inspires you to deviate from the beaten path.
—Guest Robin

In Cold Blood by Truman Capote

Superbly written narrative. Objective and investigates deeply into human nature.
—Guest Mary Lien

Wolf of wall street

perfect for a business school interview. shows both sides of the business world, fun, and work

Perfume by Patrick Süskind

A book not like too many others with an interesting plot and deep anti-hero. You can literally argue all day about whether Grenouille was a good person or not, and out of all the cliche, goody-goody heroes, it's nice to read a story about a twisted killer that lets you inside his head to marvel at the beauty of his perfumes with him. The part when Baldini was first introduced was sort of long and drawn-out, but a very good book overall.
—Guest Avery

The Five People You Meet In Heaven

This is a great book by Mitch Albom. It teaches you five different lessons that will really get you to appreciate your life a little more and give you hope and understanding.
—Guest Haleigh

The Giver series - Lois Lowry

Great material for many reading levels. I read it for school, but loved The Giver and its two sequels, Gathering Blue and Messenger. Dystopian society and ethics come into play and make the reader question the world he or she lives in. Plus the books are exceptionally well written by an award-winning author.
—Guest Captain

a woman in her prime

a woman in her prime is a story trying to talk about the believes of the Ghanian. There is a woman named pookwa who does not have a child, but at the end of the story she gave birth to a bouncing baby boy
—Guest victoria

For One More Day by Mitch Albom

I think this is a great book to bring up in an interview not only because it's a good recommendation but it also has really deep messages. It's a fairly quick read because you get into it right from the start. The book deals with second chances and how strong love can be.
—Guest Natalie

Unbroken by Lauren Hillenbrand

This book is PERFECT for an interview. It is a true story based on a person's struggles during World War II. I can't recommend it enough, it is extremely engrossing and thought-provoking. And people are really impressed when they hear that you've read it. It's a great read.
—Guest Hannah

Waiting for Godot by Samuel Beckett

"It is a play were nothing happens, twice"- said a critic after watching the play. The mastery of the pause and the fact that more is being said when nobody is talking is really a great introduction into existentialism. It makes for a great conversation since it can be interpretated in so many different ways and it is certainly a masterpiece while still remaining not as known as "To kill a mockingbird" or "The Lord of the Flies"
—Guest Antonia

ALBERT CAMUS - the stranger

The stranger is a perfect book for an interview because it has to do about a lonely man having personal issues about what he is really doing in his life. it is a very interesting book.
—Guest George

The Thorn birds by Colleen McCullough

My librarian told me that that this was her favorite book and this made me all the more curious to read it. This book is one that will change you as a person inside out...it makes you really think about the feminist stance....you begin to reflect and analyze the world and its women in a more serious way. I loved it...even though it made me cry!
—Guest Nikita

Recommend a Book

What book would you discuss during a college interview?

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