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Readers Respond: Share Information on Colleges with Permissive Pet Policies

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From the article: Pet-Friendly Colleges
The list of pet-friendly colleges is by no means exhaustive. If you know of other colleges that allow animals such as cats and dogs, please share the details with other readers. Share Your Knowledge

Grinnell College

Grinnell has a really lax pet policy. The only animals that are forbidden in dorms are dogs, cats, ferrets, and poisonous reptiles. Everything else is game: birds, fish, amphibians, rodents, etc. Many people have rabbits, hedgehogs, hamsters, and snakes. All dorms have the same pet policy: there are no pet-free dorms on campus. Additionally, the college's student project houses are allowed to have one cat per house.
—Guest Ren

Lees-McRae College - Banner Elk, NC

Lees-McRae has a pet friendly dorm and has even set up dog clean-up stations outside. LMC is located in the Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina, so if you enjoy hiking or swimming with your dog there's no better place. The full pet policy can be read at www.lmc.edu/student_life/residence_life/files/Pet_Friendly_Policy.pdf
—Guest David

They Can Come With You

California Institute of the Arts (calarts) has a great pet policy, I don't even think they have a weight/breed limit on the dogs, hope you find a good place for your pet to be with you
—Guest College Looker

Alfred University- Alfred, NY

You may not be able to bring Fluffy to Alfred University, but you can bring a horse! AU dorms don't allow pets other than fish, but students can board their horses at the Bromeley-Daggett Equestrian Center a few minutes away from campus. There are a number of stalls available every year for student horse owners, and it's a full-care facility with a heated barn and indoor riding arena as well as two outdoor arenas. You can visit www.alfred.edu/equestrian for more information.
—Guest Eileen

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