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Readers Respond: Reader Recommmendations for Colleges for Harry Potter Fans

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We're quite aware of the limits to our list of the top colleges for Harry Potter fans. If your college or university has interesting clubs, classes, or activities related to J. K. Rowling's wizarding world, use this page to share your knowledge with other readers. Tell Us About a College

Harry Potter college!

I attended Eastern Michigan University for my undergraduate degree, and at EMU, we have a children's literature class called "Harry Potter: Literary Allusions, Children's Literature, and Popular Culture". The class is extremely hard to get into due to the rate in which it fills, but I finally managed to get into the class my final semester. As a HP fan, I LOVED the class! Here is a link to an article about the class! http://www.emich.edu/univcomm/stories/story.php?id=1280325778
—Guest Caitlin Ruf

other colleges like Hogwarts

Check out Southwestern in Georgetown, TX or Rice University in Houston, TX
—Guest ci

Kenyon College

The great hall in Pierce at Kenyon was a second choice location for the Harry Potter films. http://bulletin.kenyon.edu/x3216.xml

You missed Wellesley

Can't believe Wellesley College isn't on here, with its Hogwarts-esque architecture and a genuine Platform 9 3/4 on campus.
—Guest CC

Harry Potter College fans

Hard to believe Villanova University isn't among the top ten schools with HP fans. They have an outstanding Quidditch team, always among top 20 in Internat'l Q. Tournament, 2 'Nova players picked this past summer to play in London, have very active HP club, annual Yule Ball, etc. How did they get overlooked?!
—Guest Mary Wallace

Stony Brook University

We have our Dumbledore's Army club which has over 200 members, 40 members show up weekly to the general club meeting and a special dinner. Every fall we have a Yule Ball which gets almost 100 people in attendance. Last year we all volunteered at a local convention and even ran a bunch of Harry Potter panels. We're an official club on campus. And completely separate from us is our Quidditch team which has been in the World Cup in NYC the past 3 years!


Really, Duke University isn't listed on here?! The school is known for its Gothic architecture, its main dining hall is named the "Great Hall," it invented the invisibility cloak, and it has a nationally competitive Quidditch team that was mentioned on the Colbert Report. And let's not forget about the fact that it has hosted an intercollegiate Yule Ballthat attracts 800-1000 students and Harry Potter fans from neighboring colleges and states every year for the past 3 years...
—Guest Jeff

love it!!

I love going to these meetings. MAGIC IS REAL. If you don't believe that, then you are just a muggle
—Guest emily gomes

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Reader Recommmendations for Colleges for Harry Potter Fans

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