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College Applications


Some parts of the college application are more important than others, but they all need to be completed correctly. Here you'll find articles to help you understand the application and make sure your college application is the best it can be.
  1. Application Basics
  2. Social Media
  3. The Essay
  4. Sample Admissions Essays
  5. Supplemental Essays
  6. Short Answer
  7. SAT Scores
  8. ACT Scores
  1. The Interview
  2. Demonstrated Interest
  3. Financial Aid
  4. Scholarships
  5. Transfer Applications
  6. What To Do If Deferred, Waitlisted or Rejected
  7. Dismissals, Suspensions, and Appeals

Application Basics

Learn about important deadlines and the types of information you'll need to present on your college application.

Social Media

ALL colleges use social media in one way or another. Make sure your social media presence strengthens rather than hurts your application.

The Essay

For many selective colleges, the essay is at the heart of the application. This is the place where you can really present your passions and personality. Make sure your essay makes your application rise to the top of the pile, not get tossed in the garbage can.

Sample Admissions Essays

Each of the sample admissions essays below is accompanied by a critique of the essay's strengths and weaknesses.

Supplemental Essays

Many students put a lot of effort into the personal essay and short-change the supplemental essay. These articles and samples help you avoid this mistake.

Short Answer

The Common Application as well as many individual college applications ask students to elaborate on one of their activities. Although brief, this part of the application needs to shine.

SAT Scores

Like it or not, those standardized test scores usually carry a lot of weight. Here you'll learn the ins and outs of the College Board's SAT.

ACT Scores

The ACT has been gaining popularity, even on the coasts where the SAT tends to dominate. Here you'll learn about the ACT and the scores colleges want to see from their applicants.

The Interview

A college interview is not the most important part of your application, but it can make a difference. These articles will help you prepare for the interview and avoid common interviewing mistakes.

Demonstrated Interest

About half of all colleges and universities say that a student's "demonstrated interest" has either moderate or high importance in the admissions process. These articles explore this nebulous facet of applying to college.

Financial Aid

Choosing a college and getting accepted are the first big challenges in the admissions process. Now you need to figure out how to pay for school.


Don't rely solely on a college's financial aid package. There are billions of dollars out there that you can seek on your own.

Transfer Applications

Transferring is becoming a more and more popular option among college students for academic, social and financial reasons.

What To Do If Deferred, Waitlisted or Rejected

Being deferred or waitlisted isn't the end of the admissions process, and in some cases you can even appeal a letter of rejection. These articles will help guide you when you don't get the acceptance letter that you were hoping for.

Dismissals, Suspensions, and Appeals

While most of this site is devoted to prospective college students, some students find themselves need to appeal or reapply to college after being dismissed or suspended. These articles can help.

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