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Applying to College? 12 Facebook Photos You Should Delete Now


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Look, I'm Wasted!
Facebook image of a drunk guy vomiting

Facebook image of a drunk guy vomiting

Drawing by Laura Reyome
Talk to anyone who works in Student Affairs at a college, and they'll tell you the worst part of the job is that late night trip to the emergency room with a student who has passed out from excessive drinking. From a college's perspective, there's nothing funny about it. Your friends may get a chuckle out of that picture of you hugging the porcelain throne, but a college official is going to think about the students who have died from alcohol poisoning, been raped while passed out, or choked to death on their own vomit.

Your application could easily end up on the rejection pile if a college admissions officer comes across a photo that shows you or your friends passed out, puking, or staring into space in glassy-eyed wonder.

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Special thanks to Laura Reyome who illustrated this article. Laura is a graduate of Alfred University.

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