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Applying to College? 12 Facebook Photos You Should Delete Now


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I Got a Fake ID!
Facebook image of a drunk underage student

Facebook image of a drunk underage student

Drawing by Laura Reyome
More and more, college admissions officers are going to the web to get additional information about their applicants. As a result, your online image can be the difference between a rejection and acceptance letter. The 12 photos illustrated in this article are ones that probably shouldn't be part of your online image when you are applying for college (for the flip side, see these 15 good Facebook photos).

I begin with one of the most common examples of inappropriate images found on Facebook, MySpace and other social networking sites...

Nearly every college campus in the country has an underage drinking problem. So that photo of you with a beer in hand on your 18th birthday? Get rid of it. Colleges have their hands full trying to deal with drinking problems on campus, so why would they want to admit students who provide photo evidence of their underage drinking?

Also, do you have your birth date posted on Facebook? Obviously lots of underage students drink, but you're showing really poor judgment if you document illegal behavior in such a concrete way.

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