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Sample Appeal Letter

If You've Been Rejected from a College, Here's a Sample Appeal Letter


The letter below illustrates a possible approach for appealing a college rejection. Before appealing, however, make sure you have a legitimate reason for appealing a rejection. In the majority of cases, an appeal is not warranted. If you do not have significant new information to report to a college, do not write an appeal. Also, make sure the college accepts appeals before writing one.

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Ms. Jane Gatekeeper
Director of Admissions
Ivy Tower College
Collegetown, USA

Dear Ms. Gatekeeper,

Although I was not surprised when I received a rejection letter from Ivy Tower College, I was extremely disappointed. I knew when I applied that my SAT scores from the November exam were below average for Ivy Tower. I also knew at the time of the SAT exam (because of illness) that my scores did not represent my true ability.

However, since I applied to Ivy Tower back in January, I have retaken the SAT and improved my scores measurably. My math score went from a 570 to a 660, and my reading score went up a full 120 points. I have instructed the College Board to send these new scores to you.

I know Ivy Tower discourages appeals, but I hope you will accept these new scores and reconsider my application. I have also had the best quarter yet at my high school (a 4.0 unweighted), and I have enclosed my most recent grade report for your consideration.

Again, I fully understand and respect your decision to deny me admission, but I do hope you will reopen my file to consider this new information. I was tremendously impressed by Ivy Tower when I visited last fall, and it remains the school I would most like to attend.


Joe Student

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