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A Photo Tour of the University of Florida


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University of Florida Century Tower
University of Florida Century Tower

University of Florida Century Tower (click to enlarge)

Photo Credit: Allen Grove

Our tour of the University of Florida begins with one of the campus's iconic structures -- Century Tower was built in 1953 for the 100th anniversary of the university. The tower was dedicated to students who gave their lives in the two World Wars. A quarter century later, a 61-bell carillon was installed in the tower. The bells ring out daily, and student members of the Carillon Studio train to play the instrument. The tower stands near University Auditorium and Auditorium Park -- a perfect green space for putting down a blanket to listen to one of the monthly Sunday afternoon Carillon concerts.

The following pages present some of the sites from the University of Florida's large and bustling campus. You'll also find the University of Florida featured in these articles:

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