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Florida Gulf Coast University Photo Tour


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Explore FGCU in Fort Myers
FGCU Alligator Sign

FGCU Alligator Sign (click image to enlarge)

Photo Credit: Amy Jacobson

For those who love nature, sunshine, and alligators, Florida Gulf Coast University might be a great choice. Located in Fort Myers, Florida, FGCU is a four-year, public university and a member of the State University System of Florida. The school's 12,000 students are especially proud of their campus's wildlife-rich ecosystem, and not just because of the beautiful ponds or on-campus beach. The palm trees and modern architecture of the campus make FGCU a picturesque destination. FGCU's academics are impressive as well -- the university offers 52 undergraduate and 30 graduate degree programs across six colleges. For more information about Florida Gulf Coast University, you can check out their college profile or their official website.

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