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A Photo Tour of Flagler College


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Flagler College Ponce de Leon Hall
Flagler College - Ponce de Leon Hall

Flagler College - Ponce de Leon Hall

Photo by Allen Grove
Flagler College certainly has one of the more stunning campuses in the country. The college's main building, Ponce de Leon Hall, was originally a hotel built in 1888 by Henry Morrison Flagler. The building features the handiwork of famous nineteenth-century artists and engineers including Tiffany, Maynard and Edison. The building is a masterful example of Spanish Renaissance architecture, and it is a National Historic Landmark. When I visited Flagler in May, far more tourists than students could be seen milling through the courtyard of Ponce de Leon Hall.

This photo was shot from just inside the college's main gate and shows Flagler's main entrance and the northeast tower of Ponce de Leon Hall.

Flagler College's enviable location and strong academics earned it a spot in my list of top Florida colleges and universities. To learn about Flagler's costs, aid, and admissions standards, view the Flagler College profile. You can also check out this GPA, SAT and ACT graph for Flagler.

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