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Boston University Photo Tour


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Boston University and Kenmore Square
Kenmore Square

Kenmore Square

Photo Credit: Katie Doyle

Boston University's location is hard to miss, for the giant illuminated Citgo sign is visible for miles along the Charles River. The sign towers above Kenmore Square on the eastern edge of BU's campus.

Kenmore Square is a mainstay in Boston University's campus. BU's Barnes & Noble bookstore, which sells course books as well as BU clothing, lies in the heart of Kenmore Square. The Starbucks in the bookstore is a popular study spot for students in East Campus.

Myles Standish Hall, a large dormitory, is right in Kenmore Square. Both Shelton Hall, another large residence, and the Bay State Road dormitories, are just a short walk away. BU's newest building, the BU Student Center, is also a close neighbor.

Kenmore Square is a popular destination among students, as it is right by Fenway Park, as well as a vibrant selection of restaurants, cafés and bars that are easily accessible to students in both East Campus and South Campus.

This photo tour will travel from east to west across the BU campus and introduce you to many of the campus highlights.

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