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Results of Sophie's College Application Process

Find Out Where Sophie Was Accepted, Rejected and Waitlisted


Smith College Student Center

Smith College Student Center

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Sophie applied to seven colleges: Bard College, Dickinson College, Hampshire College, Oberlin College, Smith College, SUNY Geneseo and Wesleyan University. All of these schools are competitive, but Sophie's good high school record and strong SAT scores (2180 combined verbal/math/writing) made her competitive at each. She also had strong extracurricular activities in music, dance and (as her essay shows) community service. Her class rank was not exceptional, so the essay is one place where she can make up for that deficiency.

The chart below shows where Sophie was accepted, rejected and waitlisted. She declined being placed on the waitlists and accepted the offer of admission from Smith College where she will attend after a gap year.

Sophie's Application Results
College Admission Decision
Bard College Accepted
Dickinson College Waitlisted
Hampshire College Accepted
Oberlin College Waitlisted
Smith College Accepted
SUNY Geneseo Accepted
Wesleyan University Rejected
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