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Great Colleges Featured in the 2008 Weekly Spotlights

The Best Colleges May Be Ones You Haven't Heard of Yet


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Every week I spotlight a great school that might be off the radar of college applicants. Many of these colleges were recommended by readers via email or in the College Admission Forum. Others I chose based on my research or experiences. In the list below, you'll find links to each college's profile, blog spotlight, and discussion forum. Also be sure to check out the 2009 spotlights.

If you'd like to recommend a college for a future spotlight, you can do so here in the forum.

32. Moravian College

Moravian College
notadelvelluto / Flickr

31. Furman University

Furman University
JeffersonDavis / Flickr

30. Millsaps College

Millsaps College
lordsutch / Flickr

29. The College of Wooster

College of Wooster
JesseLegg / Flickr

28. The College of New Jersey

The College of New Jersey
Iggynelix / Wikimedia Commons

27. St. Lawrence University

St. Lawrence University
Photo Credit: SLU Photographer Tara Freeman

26. Spelman College

Spelman College
waynetaylor / Flickr

25. Ripon College

Ripon College, Smith Hall
Madmaxmarchhare / Wikimedia Commons

24. Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology

Rose Hulman Institute of Technology
Colin Shipley / Wikimedia Commons

23. University of Mary Washington

University of Mary Washington
Jte288 / Wikimedia Commons

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