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Air Force Academy Profile - SAT Scores, Costs and Admissions Data


United States Air Force Academy

United States Air Force Academy

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Air Force Academy Description:

The United States Air Force Academy, USAFA, is one of the most selective colleges in the country. To apply, students will need a nomination, usually from a member of Congress. The campus is an 18,000-acre air force base located just north of Colorado Springs. While all tuition and expenses are covered by the Academy, students do have a five-year active service requirement upon graduation. Students at USAFA are heavily involved in athletics, and the college competes in the NCAA Division I Mountain West Conference.

Admissions Data (2012):

Enrollment (2012):

  • Total Enrollment: 4,120 (all undergraduate)
  • Gender Breakdown: 78% Male / 22% Female
  • 100% Full-time

Costs and Financial Aid:

From the USAFA website:

"There is no financial cost to attend the Academy. But there is a hefty price tag. You will pay for your education with sweat, hard work, early mornings and late nights. You will be held to the highest standards, without exception. And afterward, you will be required to serve at least five years in the Air Force."

Most Popular Majors:

Aerospace Engineering, Behavioral Sciences, Biology, Business Administration, Political Science, Social Sciences, Systems Engineering

Data Source:

Air Force Academy Mission Statement:

mission statement from http://www.academyadmissions.com/about-the-academy/about-us/mission/

"To educate, train, and inspire men and women to become officers of character motivated to lead the United States Air Force in service to our nation."

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