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Choosing a college is difficult. Should you attend a big university or small college? How do you narrow down your choices? What factors are most important when choosing a college? These articles will help you find the answers.
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  2. Narrow Your Search
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  4. Learn About Types of Colleges
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View the Top Picks and Rankings

Some schools have the resources and reputations to constantly find themselves at the top of national rankings. These lists profile some of the country's most elite and prestigious schools.

Narrow Your Search

The search for the perfect school begins with a broad survey of the options, but at some point you need to narrow down your choices to those schools to which you will apply. In other words, you need to come up with your "short list." These articles will help guide you in the process.

Browse the Options

You have thousands of colleges and universities from which to choose. Here you'll find profiles of some that are worth a look because of their excellent academics, athletics or value.

Learn About Types of Colleges

Before you can choose a college that matches your interests, you have to understand the different types of colleges that are available.

See Top Picks by Region

Do you know which part of the country you want to live in for four years? These lists present top schools by region.

See Top Picks by State

If you're looking to go to a great college in a specific state, these lists identify the top ranked schools.

See Top Picks by Special Interest

It's possible that your special interests will play a big roll in your college selection. These articles can help guide you.

Explore Top Athletic Conferences

These Division I athletic conferences dominate the college athletic scene.

College Photo Tours

Explore the sights of college campuses with these photo tours.

Select a Guidebook

Not all college guidebooks are equal. Read the reviews here.

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