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The University of California System

The Nine UC Schools for Undergraduates


California has one of the best state university systems in the country, and three of the schools below made my list of top public universities. The nine universities that offer undergraduate degrees are listed here from the most to least selective. Follow the profile link to get data related to admission standards, costs, and financial aid.

San Francisco also has a University of California campus, but it is dedicated exclusively to graduate study.

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1. UC Berkeley

UC Berkeley Tower
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UCLA Royce Hall
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3. UC San Diego

University of San Diego Geisel Library
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4. UC Santa Barbara

UCSB Tower
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5. UC Irvine

UC Irvine
Ned Raggett / Flickr

6. UC Davis

UC Davis Arboretum
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7. UC Santa Cruz

UCSC Lick Observatory
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  • Acceptance Rate (2012): 67%
  • Enrollment: 17,454 (15,954 undergraduates)
  • Distinctions: Chapter of Phi Beta Kappa; high number of students go on to earn doctorates; campus overlooks Monterey Bay and the Pacific Ocean; progressive curriculum
  • Admissions: UC Santa Cruz GPA and Test Score Graph
  • For more admissions data, costs and financial aid information, check out the UCSC profile

8. UC Riverside

UCR Botanic Garden
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9. UC Merced

UC Merced
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  • Acceptance Rate (2012): 80%
  • Enrollment: 5,198
  • Distinctions: first new research university of the 21st century; state-of-the-art construction for minimal environmental impact
  • Admissions: UC Merced GPA and Test Score Graph
  • For more admissions data, costs and financial aid information, check out the UC Merced profile
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