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Choosing a College

Choosing the perfect college or university is all about finding a place where you feel like you belong. These links and articles are designed to help you make sense of a school's profile and find the college whose size, reputation, location and programs match your personality, skills, and interests.
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A to Z List of College Profiles
College Profiles - acceptance rates, sat scores, act scores, general information, college costs, financial aid information, enrollment numbers, photos, and other useful data.

A State-by-State List of College Profiles
In these profiles organized by state you'll find college information such as acceptance rates, average sat test scores, college costs, financial aid information, enrollment numbers, college descriptions, college photos, and other useful data.

Choosing the Perfect College
National rankings do little to tell you what college or university is the best match for your personality, interests and goals. This article discusses some of the important institutional features you should consider as you search for the perfect college.

Ivy League Schools
The eight Ivy League schools are some of the most selective colleges in the United States.

20 Great Colleges for Students with Low SAT Scores
Let's face it -- some strong students just don't do well on standardized tests...

To How Many Colleges Should I Apply?
Learn how many reach, match and safety colleges you should apply to and how to narrow down your choices.

Colleges that Accept the Common Application
Learn about the nearly 500 colleges that use the Common Application

5 Reasons to Consider Community College
Expensive four-year residential colleges aren't the best choice for everyone. Here are five reasons why community college is sometimes the better option.

Small College or Large University?
As you figure out where you want to go to college, one of the first considerations should be the size of the school. Here you'll find nine issues to think about.

The California State University System
The California State University system is made of up 23 public universities . With over 400,000 students, it is the largest system of four-year colleges in the country. The member universities vary greatly in size, academic strengths and selectivity. Be sure to click on a school's name to learn more about the university and wh

The University of California System
California has one of the best state university systems in the country, and three of the schools below made my list of top public universities . The nine universities below are listed from the most to least selective. Follow the links to get a complete profile with information about admission standards, costs, and financial aid. San Francisco

CUNY Colleges
CUNY, the City University of New York, enrolls over a quarter of a million students in its six community colleges, eleven senior colleges and seven graduate schools. CUNY has a remarkably diverse student body in terms of both age and ethnicity. The eleven senior CUNY colleges listed below are located across New York City's five boroughs, and the...

The Claremont Colleges
A winning arrangement in which the strengths of a top women's college, a top engineering college, and three top liberal arts colleges combine to give undergraduates a wealth of resources and curricular options.

Military Academies
Military Academies in the United States offer an excellent option for students who are interested in serving the country and receiving a quality education at no cost.

The Five College Consortium
Five colleges and universities in the Amherst, Massachusetts area

The Colleges of the Fenway Consortium
Information on the six members of this Boston consortium.

Work Colleges Consortium
Learn about the seven liberal arts colleges that make up the Work Colleges Consortium.

A Comparison of the Big Ten Universities
The Big Ten Athletic Conference - A comparison of the eleven Big Ten universities. Data compared includes acceptance rates, graduation rates, and financial aid. Each university is linked to a profile that includes further college admissions and financial aid information.

Boston Colleges
Find colleges in and around Boston, Massachusetts, and see admissions data for each school.

Tips for Choosing the Right College
Ian Mortimer, director of admissions at Champlain College, offers advice on choosing the perfect college

The Hidden Cost of Community College
When money gets tight, enrollment at community college goes up. The reason is simple -- on average, tuition at community colleges is less than half that of public universities, and less than 1/10 that of private colleges. Students at community colleges often live at home, so they also save on room and board. Studying at a community college for two years and then finishing at a reputable four-year…

A Comparison of the University of California Campuses
University of California - A comparison of the ten University of California campuses. Data compared includes acceptance rates, graduation rates, and financial aid. Each university is linked to a profile that includes further college admissions and financial aid information.

Why Does Phi Beta Kappa Matter?
Phi Beta Kappa is the oldest and one of the most prestigious academic honor societies in the United States. This article explains why membership matters.

Phi Beta Kappa Chapters
Phi Beta Kappa is the most prestigious academic honor society in the United States. This article lists all the colleges and universities with Phi Beta Kappa chapters with links to the college admissions data for each school.

Association of American Universities - Public
This list of top research universities includes all the public university members of the AAU with links to college admissions data and college profiles.

Association of American Universities - Private
The Association of American Universities, or AAU, is a selective group of 62 leading research universities in the United States and Canada.

8 Tips for Making the Most of a Campus Visit
You can't get the "feel" of a school from any guidebook, so be sure to visit the campus. Here are a few tips for getting the most out of your visit.

8 Reasons to Do an Overnight College Visit
Learn why an overnight visit is a good idea before you choose a college.

what to expect on an overnight visit

Top Five Great Questions to Ask Your Campus Tour Guide
Five questions that can help you get the most out of your tour of a college campus.

6 Cases in Which a Match School is Really a Reach
Every year, some high school students find that they've been rejected by all the colleges to which they applied. In many cases, the problem can be traced to some miscalculations when choosing schools. Be careful not to confuse a match school with a reach school.

Peterson's College Search
Peterson's online search engine can help point you to schools that match your interests.

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