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Plan for College


College planning and preparation needs to occur throughout middle school and high school. These articles will guide you through the college preparation process so that your college application will be competitive when senior year rolls around.
  1. Timelines and Checklists
  2. Academic Record
  3. Extracurricular Activities
  4. AP - Advanced Placement
  1. PSAT, SAT and ACT
  2. SAT Subject Tests
  3. Summer Activities

Timelines and Checklists

These articles provide year-by-year information to help you stay on track during the college admissions process.

Academic Record

Your high school academic record is the most important part of your entire college application. Make sure you take the right courses and get the grades you'll need to get into your top-choice colleges.

Extracurricular Activities

It takes more than high grades to get into selective colleges. Admissions counselors want to see students who demonstrate interesting passions and leadership potential.

AP - Advanced Placement

Advanced Placement courses can save you money and make your four years of college more enjoyable and productive.


Like it or not, standardized tests matter. These articles will help you make sense of and prepare for the PSAT, SAT and ACT.

SAT Subject Tests

Many of the country's most selective colleges require SAT Subject Tests (formally called the SAT II). Learn about the exams here.

Summer Activities

Successful college applicants don't spend their summers focusing on their tans or television reruns. These articles can help you make the most out of summer.

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