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12 College Interview Questions You Should Master
Most college interview questions are meant to help you and the interviewer find out if the college is a good match for you. Rarely will you get a question that puts  ...
College Interview Mistakes - 10 Mistakes to Avoid During Your ...
A college interview is a great place to make a good impression, but you need to be careful to avoid these 10 college interview mistakes.
Should I Do An Optional College Interview - College Admissions
Often the college interview is an optional part of the application process. So why bother? You're busy. Applying to college is stressful. Why should you create ...
College Interviews - Do's and Don'ts of College Interviews
College interviews are required at some schools as part of the admissions.
20 College Interview Questions You Should Master
Interview for College - Before you interview for college, be sure you have answers to these 20 interview questions. This article presents questions and tips for ...
Interview Tips for College Students and Grads - Job Searching
When you're a college student or recent graduate interviewing can be a challenge, especially if you haven't interviewed much. Here are tips for acing a college ...
College Interview Dress for Men - What to Wear to a College Interview
The college interview has no set rules about what a man should wear. In general, college interviews are less formal than a job interview, so a suit and tie are not ...
Recommend a Book to Discuss During a College Interview
If your college interviewer asks you to recommend a book to him or her, you'll want to follow these guidelines and choose your book carefully. If there's a book ...
College Job Interviews - Job Searching - About.com
Here are sample questions you might be asked during a college student or recent grad job interview and sample answers.
College Interview Dress for Women - College Admissions - About.com
While not as formal as job interviews, college interviews are a significant step in the admissions process, and your clothing will help to make a memorable first ...
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